Members’ Artwork

Sketching by members during lockdown

Sketching Subjects May/June

Subjects for painting and drawing etc.
• Rocks
• Seaside
• Birds and flowers
• Historic buildings
• Flowers
• Landscape
• River scene
• People socialising
• Boats and ships
• Lily pond
• Railway scene
• Gardens
The photographs are copyright. Art club members have permission to create their own interpretations.
Members can submit images of their paintings, drawings etc. for sharing on the PBAC News Blog or post them directly to the PBAC Facebook group. The images could be sketches, studies and ideas as well as finished pieces. We look forward to your feedback of artwork and ideas.

Abstractions workshop

Margaret Clapperton ran a workshop to help members explore ways of creating paintings or drawings that did not appear to represent objects, people or scenes.

Beginners may find it easier to start with an image and select shapes in combination to make new images with interesting colour combinations.

Shapes can be copied using tracing paper. Draw the image, or parts, on tracing paper then trace it onto painting paper. Then move the tracing paper around and trace over the top of the first tracing, breaking up the original image. They can then play with the shapes and colours. The finished result can hint at the original source.

Example of a landscape image changed to an abstract painting, by Margaret

Abstract works can be based on geometric forms and imagined colours.

Example by Margaret Clapperton

Abstract paintings by members