Past programmes

What we did in 2023
Tues 7th Feb 2023 – Neil Simone, oil painter – “A Prize Winning Demonstration”
Tues 7th Mar 2023 – Members’ Annual General Meeting followed by film: “Monet in his own words”
– March quarterly painting/sketching subject – “Still life”.
Mon 13th Mar 2023 – Outdoor sketching at Yorke House, Dacre Banks HG3 4EW from 10:30am
Fri 17th Mar 2023 – Spring lunch for art club members and partners at the Wellington, Darley
Thur 30th Mar 2023 – Exhibition handing in 9am to 11am.
Fri 31st March to Monday 3rd April 2023   Spring Art Exhibition at Broadbelt Hall, Glasshouses HG3 5QY
Tues 4th April 2023 – Heather Burton – Palette knife painting demonstration.
Mon 17th April 2023 – Outdoor sketching at Old Sleningford, North Stainley HG4 3JD from 10:30am
Tues 2nd May 2023 – Talk by Gordon Henderson “A brief history of abstract art”
Mon 15th May 2023 – Outdoor sketching at Birstwith Hall, Tang Road, Birstwith HG3 2JW  from 10:30am
Tues 6th June 2023 –  Colin Swinton – Watercolour painting demonstration
–  June quarterly painting/sketching subject – “Spring”.
Mon 12th June 2023 – Outdoor sketching at Norton Conyers, HG4 5EQ from 10:30am
Tues 4th July 2023 – Alex Purves Illustrated talk on “Hoof, clay and Paw”
Mon 10th July 2023 – Outdoor sketching at Dallowgill from 10:30am
Tues 1st Aug 2023 – Miriam Laville Mixed media  demonstration “Natural forms”
Mon 7th Aug 2023 – Outdoor sketching in Knaresborough, 6 Poor Folk Cafe from 10:30am
Fri to Mon, 18th to 21st August 2023  – Summer Art Exhibition
at St Cuthbert’s CE Primary School, Pateley Bridge, HG3 5LE
Tues 5th Sept 2023 – Nigel Overton  Acrylic demonstration “Landscape”
–  September quarterly painting/sketching subject – “Harvest”.
Mon 11th Sept 2023 – Outdoor sketching at Parceval Hall Gardens from 10:30am
Tues 3rd Oct 2023 – Caroline Mayor Illustrated talk “Rembrandt”
Mon 9th Oct 2023 – Outdoor sketching at Middlesmoor, meet Crown Hotel at 10:30am
Tues 7th Nov 2023 – Lesley Seeger Mixed media/printing demonstration
Tues 5th Dec 2023 – Christmas social
–  December quarterly painting/sketching subject – Open choice.

What we did in 2022

Tues 1st Feb 2022   James Owen Thomas talk and films about his paintings using recycled materials.
Tues 1st Mar 2022 AGM followed by a film on Bridget Riley introduced by Gordon.  Monthly painting subject “Green shoots”
Mon 7th Mar 2022 Outdoor sketching in Ripon meet at Cafe Wilfrid in Kirkgate at 10:30 am
Fri   18 Mar 2022  Spring lunch at the Royal Oak, Dacre Banks at 1:30pm
Tues 5th Apr 2022 Demonstration by Tracey Krupianka of acrylic landscape painting
Thur 7th Apr 2022 Exhibition handing in 9am to 11am.
Fri to Monday 8th to 11th April 2022   Spring Art Exhibition at Broadbelt Hall 
Tues 3rd May 2022 Demonstration/workshop of continuous line drawing by Mick Burton.
Mon 9th May 2022 Sketching in Hebden, meet at the Old Schoolroom cafe at 10:30am
Tues 7th June 2022 Painting and felting demonstration by Valerie Wartelle 
Mon 13th June 2022 Sketching in How Stean Gorge, meet at the Cafe at 10:30am
Tues 5th July 2022 Acrylic art/demonstration workshop by Jeanne Mundy
Mon 11th July 2022 Sketching Ilton, Druids Temple, Swinton Bivouac CafeTues 2nd August 2022 Demonstration and talk by Robert Dutton
Mon 8th August 2022 Studley Royal Deer Park, meet at cafe, bottom car park at FountainsFri to Mon 19th to 23rd Aug 2022  – Summer Art Exhibition
Tues 6th Sept 2022 Illustrated talk on Vincent van Gogh by Caroline and Ian Mayor
Mon 12 Sept 2022 Sketching in Valley Gardens, Harrogate. Cancelled
Thurs 22 Sept 2022 Animals in Pastel workshop with Cath Inglis at No.6 Studios 10am to 4pm
Tues 4th Oct 2022 Illustrated talk  “Art and the Stage” Alex Purves
Mon 10th Oct 2022 Sketching in Masham, meet at King’s Head HotelTues 1st Nov 2022 Illustrated talk “Ceramics and Glass” by Penny Riley Smith
Mon 7th Nov 2022 Sketching in Fishponds Wood, Bewerley, picnic at study barnTues 6th Dec 2022 Christmas Social

What we did in 2021 – Events restricted by covid, some on zoom

January painting/sketching subjects – “View from my window” and “Self portrait”
February painting/sketching subject – “Signs of Spring”
Tues 6th Apr 2021 Tracey Krupianka on Zoom – painting flowers in fluid acrylics.
April painting/sketching subject – “Food”
April 1 to 30 2021 Spring exhibition online
May painting/sketching subject – “Doorways”
Tues 8th June 2021 –  Mark Warner on Zoom – acrylic landscape painting.
Mon 14th June 2021 – Outdoor sketching day at Birstwith Hall
June painting/sketching subject “Flowers & Blossoms”
Mon 5th July 2021 – Outdoor sketching day at Low Hall, Dacre Banks
July painting/sketching subject “Shadows”
Tues 6th July 2021 – Rebecca de Mendonca on Zoom – pastel Dales landscape
August painting/sketching subject “Sea & Shoreline”
Sun 1st Aug 2021 – NiddArt Trail – members exhibition paintings online
Tues 3rd Aug 2021 – Ian Scott Massie watercolour on Zoom “Buildings in the landscape” 
Thur 12th Aug 2021 – Outdoor sketching day at Old Sleningford Hall
Fri 20th Aug to 20th Sept 2021- Online summer exhibition of members’ artworks
September 2021 painting/sketching subject “Holidays”
Tues 7th Sept 2021 – Paul Talbot-Greaves on zoom  Canal scene
Mon 13th Sept 2021 – Outdoor sketching day in Brimham
Tues 5th Oct 2021 – Kath Inglis Live demonstration in pastel of a golden retriever
Mon 22th Oct 2021 – Outdoor sketching in Fishponds Wood, Bewerley
Tues 2nd Nov 2021 – Alex Purves Live illustrated talk on gardens in art.
Thur 11th Nov 2021 – Sketching in Nidderdale Museum. Meet.
Tues 7th Dec 2021 – Tracey Krupianka Live acrylic demonstration of Winter landscape
There was no Christmas party in 2021.

What we did in 2020 . Most events cancelled. Some events online.
Jan 2020            There were no meetings in January.
Tues 4th Feb 2020    Dayna Cowper, ‘Still Life Scape’ (Abstract Drawing).
Tues 4th Feb 2020    Subs of £20 due
Tues 3rd Mar 2020   Members’ AGM followed by a film.
Tues 3rd Mar 2020   Quarterly painting/drawing subject – ‘A Portrait”
Meetings cancelled from late March 2020
1st May 2020    Members’ exhibition of painting on-line
June 2020         Members’ lockdown sketches 
August 2020     Painting subject “Sheep”
August 2020     Summber exhibition online as part of NiddArt Trail
Sept 2020         Painting subject “Harvest”
Oct 2020           Painting subject “Lockdown sketches”
Nov 2020          Painting subject “Autumn”
Dec 2020          Painting subject “Christmas Cards”

What we did in 2019
Tues 5th Feb 2019    Andrew Grinter from Art in the Mill, Knaresborough. ‘The Art of Framing’.
Tues 5th Mar 2019    Members’ AGM plus David Hockney ’82 Portraits and one still life’
Tues 5th Mar 2019     Quarterly painting subject – ‘Winter’
Fri 15th Mar 2019      25th anniversary Spring lunch at the Wellington Inn, Darley at 12 noon
Tues 2nd Apr 2019    Patrick Smith, Acrylics, Talk & demo – ‘Paint and the Forming Forces of Nature’
Mon 8th Apr 2019     First sketching trip at the Ripon Spa Hotel and park
Wed 24th Apr 2019  Setting up exhibition from 9am to 11am, private view 6pm to 8pm
April 25 to 28 2019  Spring Exhibition in St Cuthberts School Hall Pateley Bridge, Thurs to Sunday
Tues 7th May 2019  Josie Beszant, “Mixed media” Illustrated talk about her work.
Mon 13th May 2019 Sketching at Farnley Hall. Share cars, picnic lunch.
Tues 4th June 2019  John Harrison, Pen and Wash demo, ‘Less can be definitely more’
Tues 4th June 2019  Quarterly painting subject – ‘Summer’
Mon 10th June 2019 Sketching in Lofthouse, Upper Nidderdale. Meet at village hall.
Sat 22nd Jun 2019   Summer barbeque for members & family- 12 noon. Bring a salad or a desert.
Tues 2nd July 2019  Bob Goldsborough, ‘Colour in composition and its creative use’
Mon 8th July 2019   Sketching in Ramsgill based in village hall. Car share, picnic lunch.
Tues 6th Aug 2019 ‘Abstractions’ workshop with Margaret Clapperton.
Mon 12th Aug 2019 Sketching at Low Hall, Dacre Top. Picnic lunch. Donation.
Thur 15th Aug 2019 Set-up and preview of Summer exhibition
Aug 16 to 19 2019   Summer exhibition at St. Cuthbert’s School Hall, Pateley Bridge.
Mon 2nd Sept 2019  Sketching in Parceval Hall gardens near Appletreewick. Cafe, car share.
Tues 3rd Sept 2019  Oil painting demonstration by Nigel Overton.
Tues 3rd Sept 2019  Quarterly painting subject – ‘Holidays’
Tues 1st Oct 2019    Alex Purves Illustrated talk ‘Watercolourists’
Mon 7th Oct 2019    Sketching in Grewelthorpe based in Village Hall. Can book soup & sandwich. Car share.
Tues 5th Nov 2019   Richard Squire, ‘Taking on portraits’ workshop
Mon 11th Nov 2019  Sketching in Nidd Hall Hotel grounds. Tea room available.
Tues 3rd Dec 2019   Christmas social. Bring a partner or friend, no charge. Share food, drinks provided.
Tues 3rd Dec 2019   Quarterly painting Subject – ‘Free choice’.

What we did in 2018
Tues 6th Feb 2018    Snow – Rearranged
Tues 6th Mar 2018   Members’ Annual general meeting and film featuring Rembrandt
Tues 6th Mar 2018    Quarterly painting subject – ‘Doorways’
Tues 13th Mar 2018  Margaret Clapperton, watercolour basics workshop. 10am to noon
Tues 3rd Apr 2018   Sarah Garforth – types of drawing, based on exhibition linked to Nidderdale Artists
Thur 5th Apr 2018    Set-up and preview of Spring exhibition
Apr 6th to 9th 2018 Spring exhibition at St. Cuthbert’s School Hall, Pateley Bridge.
Mon 16th Apr 2018   Sketching in Smelthouses
Tues 1st May 2018    Leslie Seeger artist from North Yorkshire.
Mon 14th May 2018 Sketching in Hartwith. Plenty of subjects including bluebell woods.
Tues 5th Jun 2018    Jeremy Taylor watercolour demonstration
Tues 5th Jun 2018    Quarterly painting subject – ‘Sheds/barns’
Mon 25th Jun 2018   Sketching in Middlesmoor, Meet at the Crown Hotel (Note:amended date)
Sat 23rd Jun 2018    Summer barbeque for members & family- 12 noon. Bring a salad or a desert.
Tues 3rd July 2018   Helen Cassidy acrylic landscape demonstration
Mon 9th July 2018   Sketching around Birstwith Hall, High Birstwith
Mon 6th Aug 2018   Sketching in Dallowgill, Kirkby Malzeard
Tues 7th Aug 2018  Tony Noble will talk about his work
Thur 16th Aug 2018 Set-up and preview of Summer exhibition
Aug 17th to 20th   Summer exhibition at St. Cuthbert’s School Hall, Pateley Bridge.
Mon 3rd Sep 2018   Sketching in Old Sleningford, Mickley, North Stainley, Uredale (amended date)
Tues 4th Sep 2018  Ian Scott Massey watercolour talk and demonstration
Tues 4th Sep 2018  Quarterly painting subject – ‘Shadows’
Tues 2nd Oct 2018 Alex Purves will talk about Dame Laura Knight
Mon 8th Oct 2018  Sketching in Burnsall, Wharfedale. Meet at The Red Lion
Tues 6th  Nov 2018 Richard Squire, drawing/painting workshop
Mon 12th Nov 2018 Sketching in Blazefield, please car share, refreshments at Audreys.
Tues 4th Dec 2018  Christmas social. Bring a partner or friend, no charge. Share food, drinks provided.
Tues 4th Dec 2018  Quarterly painting Subject – ‘Free choice’.

What we did in 2017
Tues 7th Feb       Laney Birkhead, Printmaker. Illustrated talk—‘The Swarm Project’
Tues 7th Mar      Members’ Annual general meeting and film ‘Matisse’
Tues 7th Mar      Quarterly painting subject – ‘Winter trees’
Fri Mar 10th       Members’ Spring lunch at the Wellington Inn, Darley
Tues 4th Apr      Paul Harris, photographer – Illustrated talk
Mon 10th Apr     Sketching in Glasshouses – Meet at Broadbelt Hall at 10:45am for coffee.
Wed 19th Apr     Set-up and Preview of exhibition
Apr 20 to 23       Spring exhibition at St. Cuthbert’s School Hall, Pateley Bridge.
Tues 2nd May    Heather Dormer, pastel workshop, ‘Waterfalls’
Mon 8th May     Sketching in Wath – Meet at Sportsmans Arms for coffee. Lunch at the pub.
Tues 6th June    Katharine Holmes, Talk, ‘Malhamdale artist following her Grandmother’s footsteps’
Tues 6th June    Quarterly painting subject – Water
Sat 10th June     Summer barbeque for members & family- 12 noon. Bring a salad or a desert.Mon 12th June   Sketching at Norton Conyers – Meet at house. Picnic lunch.
Tues 4th July     Paul Curtis, acrylics demonstration
Mon 10th July   Sketching at Birstwith Hall – Meet at house. Picnic lunch.
Mon 17th July   Visit studio and sketching in Birstwith – Meet at house. Picnic lunch.
Tues 1st Aug       Jake Attree, Oil painting demonstration
Mon 7th Aug    Sketching at Old Sleningford Hall – Meet at Stable Block Gallery. Picnic lunch.
Thur 17th Aug     Set-up and preview of exhibition.  (Part of NiddArt Trail)
Aug 18 to 21        Summer exhibition, St. Cuthbert’s School Hall, Pateley Bridge
Tues 5th Sep      Richard Squire, Life drawing & painting workshop
Tues 5th Sep      Quarterly painting subject – Free choice
Mon 11th Sep   Sketching at Ripon Walled Garden – Meet at cafe. Cafe lunch.
Tues 3rd Oct       Nel Whatmore, Artist & designer, Illustrated talk
Mon 9th Oct   Sketching in Ripley Castle gardens – Meet at courtyard cafe 10:30. Cafe lunch 1pm.
Tues 7th Nov     Alex Purves, Illustrative talk, “Artists & critics – Artists as critics”
Mon 13th Nov   Sketching in Hebden, near Grassington. The Old School Tea Room cafe at 10:30.
Tues 5th Dec      Christmas social. Bring a partner or friend, no charge. Share food, drinks provided.
Tues 5th Dec      Quarterly painting Subject – ‘Rocks’.


What we did in 2016
Tues 2nd Feb     Demonstration of Chinese brush painting.
Tues 1st Mar      Annual general meeting – Film, social evening & bring & buy.
Tues 1st Mar      Quarterly painting subject – Winter
Fri 18th Mar       Spring lunch at The Station Hotel, Birstwith.
Thur 31st Mar    Set-up and Preview of exhibition
Apr 1st to 4th     Spring exhibition at St. Cuthbert’s School Hall, Pateley Bridge.
Tues 5th Apr      Helen Cassidy – Demonstration ‘Textures using tissue paper’
Mon 11th Apr     Sketching in Hebden – Meet at Old School Tearooms. Lunch in tearoom.
Tues 3rd May     Paul Talbot-Greaves – Demonstration ‘Watercolour landscape’
Thur 12th May    Sketching at Low Laithe – Picnic lunch.
Tues 7th June     Neil Simone – Illustrated talk ’45 years as a painter’.
Tues 7th June     Quarterly painting subject – ‘Gardens’.
Sat 18th June      Summer Barbeque at John & Margaret’s house.
Tues 21st June    Workshop – Chinese Brush Painting
Thur 23rd June   Sketching in Dacre Banks – Meet at Pat’s house. Picnic lunch
Tues 5th July      Colin Swinton – Watercolour workshop ‘Granulations’
Mon 11th July     Sketching in Brimham. Picnic lunch.
Wed 27th July    Watercolour workshop – Paul Talbot Greaves
Thur 28th July    Sketching in Old Sleningford. Gardens & conservatory. Picnic lunch.
Tues 2nd Aug     Terry Chipp – Demonstration in acrylics ‘Venice landscape’.
Mon 8th Aug       Sketching at Dacre Banks. Gardens & conservatory if wet. Picnic lunch.
Thur 18th Aug     Set-up and preview of exhibition. (Part of NiddArt Trail)
Aug 19–22  Summer exhibition, St. Cuthbert’s School, King Street, Pateley Bridge.
Thurs 1st Sep     Sketching at West Tanfield. Meet at the Bull 10:30am. Pub lunch.
Tues 6th Sept      Richard Squire – Workshop ‘Life Drawing’
Tues 6th Sept      Quarterly painting subject – ‘Holidays’.
Mon 12th Sept     Sketching in Pateley Bridge. Meet at Talbot House Tearoom at 10:30.
Tues 4th Oct      Margaret Clapperton – Workshop in buildings & perspective.
Thurs 6th Oct      Sketching at Dallowgill. Meet at Jean’s at 10:30. Bring sharing lunch.
Tues 1st Nov       Alex Purves – Illustrated talk ‘Artists and their habitats’
Tues 6th Dec      Christmas social. Bring a partner or friend, no charge. Film on local artist, Neil Simone.
Tues 6th Dec      Quarterly painting Subject – ‘Buildings’.