Colin Swinton – Watercolour painting

Colin Swinton demonstrated painting flowers in watercolour at the June 2023 monthly meeting of Pateley Bridge Art Club in Glasshouses.
Colin last demonstrated to members in 2016. See link at the end for details on his use of colours and granulation effects.

Colin painted flat with camera projection onto the wall for members and guests to see.

Sunflower painting sequence. Building up colours with bold wet brushstrokes, intermingling colours on the paper, allowing drying between major colour changes. The highlights in the centre of the flower created with masking fluid, removed after the dark colour had thoroughly dried. He applied darker background colours to emphasise the central flower.

Sunflower at end of the demonstration

Pink flower painting sequence. Colin followed a similar process in applying darker colours into earlier light washes, drying the painting before applying new colours.

Pink flower at end of demonstration

He is a local artist and tutor.
Previous demonstration by Colin Swinton : Demonstration 2016

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