Mick Burton Continuous Line Drawing

Mick Burton explained and demonstrated continuous line drawing and colouring at the May 2022 meeting in Glasshouses to a full house.

Many artists have used continuous lines in their artworks, Mick showed images of drawings by Picasso and Salvador Dali that used continuous lines.

He demonstrated how lines could be drawn in sections or at key crossing points before joining up loose ends to complete the drawing as a single flowing line.

He provided outlines of familiar images to enable members to construct continuous line drawings.
These are some of the results by members.

Mick explained how enclosed areas can be coloured in a systematic way to emphasis the shape and flow of the subject. There is plenty of scope to vary the patterns.
These are some results by members.

Abstract Drawings

Mick showed members some of his abstract paintings. There is immense scope to create patterns and shapes with colours flowing around the lines.

Flypast over rolling hills by Mick Burton
Overlapping squares by Mick Burton

Artworks by Mick Burton
Examples of his work can be viewed at > mickburton.co.uk/
Some of the artworks shown to members

Stainbeck Artist by Mick Burton
Stainbeck artist in acrylic by Mick Burton
Horse by Mick Burton
Dottie in acrylic by Mick Burton
Pair of robins by Mick Burton
Usain Bolt by Mick Burton

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