Cath Inglis Pastels

Cath Inglis is a pastel artist and tutor from York who is also a professional associate with the SAA, a member of the Society of Women Artists, winning awards at their London exhibitions, and an Associate Member for Unison Colour Pastels and an online tutor for the Pastel Academy. She paints a wide variety of subjects including landscapes animals and portraits.

After having six Zoom demonstrations we had our first live demonstration. We had 18 members and guests and observed COVID precautions.

The image projection system helped to enable members to see Cath’s detailed painting and the sound system amplified Cath’s commentary. Thanks go to Gordon for organising it and passing on to three members on how to set it up.

The subject for the demonstration was a golden retreiver. Cath has used the image for many demonstrations to art clubs but each one is unique, uses many colours and shades.

Images of golden retreiver outlined on grey Hermes sandpaper.

Cath uses soft pastels made by Unison and Sennielier and thin, harder pastels by Conte for painting the detail. Pastel paints can be removed with a stiff brush and new colours applied.

Cath applied base colours with the side of the pastel (the paper covering needs to be removed). The light hair colour was Unison portrait brown (2464 – a light yellow). A purple on nose and black under the nose and lower jaw.

Cath demonstrated painting an eye in pastel on Canson Mi Teintes paper, colour Moonstone. This specialist paper has a good tooth suitable for pastel painting.
She used shades of blue, browns, oranges, purples and whites to catch reflected light.

A close up of the eye on the grey Hermes sandpaper.

Detailed colouring around the mouth using many colours and shades of red, blue, purple. Highlights on nose, cool blues under lips

After background coloured in purple, stray hairs applied.
Dark specks applied to muzzle and light hairs under nose.

The portrait at the end of demonstration.

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