Demonstration by Tracey Krupianka

Our first Zoom demonstration was held on Tuesday evening 6th April when 15 Members enjoyed a lively and informative demonstration by local artist, Tracey Krupianka from Wharfedale.

An artist for many years, Tracey is self taught and works mainly in acrylics. She teaches and demonstrates to art clubs and societies across the North of England and, along with commissions, she runs art classes and workshops.

Tracey showed us the “Rosemary’s brushes” that she was to use in the demonstration. Apart from the usual flat and pointed ones, she had two unusual brushes that help her achieve her results. A “deerfoot” stippling brush in soft badger hair with a wide angled edge to quickly create texture, and a smooth “swordliner” brush that angles to a point, helping to keep several colours separated on the brush.

For the demonstration Tracey used Golden fluid acrylic paints. These flow well and can be mixed with a little acrylic extender. These are available from Ilkley Art Shop.

The paper was black craft paper, which enhanced the colour of the flowers.

Flowers and leaves etc. demonstrations.


Tracey painted the flowers using basic colours, overlaying with tints and colours to bring them to life. For the leaves, she used two or three colours on her brush together. She angled and pressed her brush using curving strokes to achieve the shapes and colour variations illustrated.


For the roses Tracey used a flat brush loaded with magenta then white. She painted the rear petals across in a semi circle and then painted smaller circles inside to partially overlay the magenta. She completed the front edges with successive smaller applications.
The leaves had multiple colours on the brush to achieve variety. The buddleia was stippled.


Tracey used a variety of greens, yellows and white, with a little red, to create leaves using deft brushstrokes, angling the head, pressing down and lifting.


Under the sea

Tracey used her soft hair stippling brush, loaded with dark blue and white or magenta and white, to paint the coral by pressing and skipping across the paper.
The fish and leaves were created with careful strokes using multiple colours on the brush.

The club members really enjoyed the demonstration despite the limitations of online viewing. The images above, provided by Tracey, are helpful for those who had been using small screen devices.

Some paintings by Tracey Krupianka

Poppies by Tracey Krupianka
On a Cold Winters Day by Tracey Krupianka
Scottish Isles by Tracey Krupianka
Evening Sun by Tracey Krupianka

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