Jake Attree – Oil painting demonstration

Jake Attree is a figurative painter, sketching and painting from observation. He lives in Airedale and has a studio in Dean Clough, Halifax.  Recently, he was a selector for the Mercer Gallery open exhibition and attended and sketched at the reopening of the Piece Hall, Halifax.

For more information on the artist, see website >  www.jakeattree.co.uk/

Jake came to Pateley Bridge Art Club to demonstrate a landscape oil painting. As well as commenting on his painting methods, he also commented on the influence of past and present artists and their advice on art.

Jake brought a piece of plywood primed in white. He used a limited pallet of chrome yellow, red, ultramarine blue and white. They were oil paints, based on linseed oil, made by a Yorkshire company. He mixed the paints with turpentine (not substitute), but white spirit could be used. He painted standing, using a small brush throughout, holding it at the end as an extension of his arm. He tended to paint in a series of parallel side strokes to cover each section, moving around the work and changing his colour mix frequently to vary the landscape.

After initial layers to cover the land area, Jake applied blue, grey and white to the sky.

Jake darkened the distant hills and the nearer slopes.

Jake applied a white mix to the path and lightened other areas.

Jake applied various mixed greens and further dark and light mixes to bring out the topography.

The picture at the end of the demonstration.

Jake kindly let us have a peek at his sketchbooks

Images are copyright of Jake Attree.


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