Sketching at Norton Conyers

Sketching trip to Norton Conyers, north of Ripon >

It is a late Medieval Manor House with Stuart and Georgian additions. It was first mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086 and has been in the Graham family since 1624. In 1839 Charlotte Bronte visited the house and, hearing the legend of the mad woman in the attic, used it in her story of Jane Eyre. There is a large walled garden with a central orangery and there is the addition of a new exhibition of vintage garden tools.



It was a mainly dull and cold day, however the rain held off and the walled garden and orangery kept the wind in check. The garden was blooming and kept in good shape by the friendly gardeners.

The members were productive with pencil, ink and paint. Most sketches were unfinished, some were preliminary to paintings.



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