Paul Curtis acrylic demonstration

Paul Curtis is a member of the New English Art Club, paints in acrylic and is based in Sheffield and London. More details are available at his website >

He came to give a demonstration of painting a still life of flowers and window. Gordon set up the sound system and camera with a large image projected onto the wall.

Paul used a variety of artists paints: white acrylic primer, basic System 3 colours and intense specialist colours.

Paul painted the background in bold strokes. He made many alterations by added colour or layers to achieve the subdued tones that a feature of his paintings. Paul added further layers to lighten the painting as the evening sunlight improved.

Paul added the flowers. The dark purple buddleia contrasted with the subdued background.

He painted the table cover to provide a light background to show the flowers and stems.

The painting at the end of the demonstration was well on the way to be a finished painting, complete with a familiar blue chair but avoided the radio mast on the hill.

Examples of Paul Curtis paintings from his website.

Images are copyright of the artist. Paul Curtis.


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